Meteor Tamarack

The Meteor Tamarack coat provides plenty of insulation, keeping dogs warm and dry. Faux fur collar provides extra warmth. Waterproof zipper. Soft, yet durable outer shell features Repelz-It Nano Protection. The Meteor Tamarack features reflective technology that helps increase dog’s visibility to nearby motorists.

The Meteor Tamarack Coat Features

  • Faux fur collar provides extra warmth
  • Waterproof zipper feature allows for easy leash attachment to any dog collar or harness
  • Soft, yet durable outer shell features Repelz-It “stay clean” Nano Protection to resist dirt, stains, liquid, and pet odor from clinging to the fabric
  • Full belly coverage protects the dog’s underside from the elements
  • Dual hook and loop closures with elastic waist band ensure a comfortable fit on any size breed
  • Cozy knit fabric is highly durable and double lined to provide extra warmth

meteor tamarack reflective winter coat

D.GS is excited to introduce our new Reflective Technology

Utilizing thousands of highly reflective microscopic beads, the Meteor coat has a glowing effect at night. When a light beam hits reflective material, the light bounces back to the source. The light bounces off the tiny beads and reflects back like a mirror. It is called a Retroreflection. It will help keep dogs safe during night walks.

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