Donut Beds with Repelz-It

Dogs will love to curl up and sleep in our ever-so durable Donut Beds!

  • Features 100% cotton canvas fabric- extremely durable/heavy-weight canvas stands up to the wear and tear of the average dog
  • Repelz-It™ Nanoprotection resist dirt, stains, liquid, bacteria and pet odor  
  • Bolstered sides give a sense of security and protection
  • Soft, inner cushion (removable) and bolstered sides provide plenty of comfort and support for your pet
  • Machine washable- bolster insert should be removed before washing (inner cushion can be machine washed)


Bed Dimensions:

                              Inside sleeping space                  

  • Small, 27"          L 15", W 13"        
  • Medium, 35"      L 21", W 15"        
  • Large, 42"         L 28", W 20"        

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