Chill Kuzzi

Welcome to the Chill Kuzzi Experience

Our innovative Chill Kuzzi technology supports better overall dog health by using naturally-occurring FIR Therapy (Far Infrared Rays) to stimulate blood circulation and oxygen flow.

This is a proprietary bio-mineral finish that is coated inside our comfortable hoodies, comfortable beds, and soft blankets. This novel finish captures, stores, and reflects a dog’s own energy back deep into tissue to stimulate cells.

-By reducing serotonin levels that can lessen intensity of anxiety and fearfulness episodes
-Helps dogs stay calmer during thunderstorms and fireworks events

Relaxes & Restores
-Stimulated cells improve blood circulation which can increase oxygen levels throughout
-Reduces muscle fatigue by nourishing muscles and flushing lactic acid

-Eases aches, pains, and joint stiffness associated with age or disability
-Relieves pain and inflammation associated with arthritis
-Promotes psychological health and general wellbeing