Dirty Dog Multi Product Display

Dog Gone Smart™ is proud to offer a new merchandising display solution for the Dirty Dog product family.

In addition to our fully-stocked Dirty Dog Doormat displays and Dirty Dog Shammys display offers, DGS is introducing an Empty semi-permanent multi-product display stand unit, available to store retailers.  (Empty Display Stand Unit ONLY)

Increase your Dirty Dog products sell-through by offering our full product range at one point-of-sale.

We suggest that you merchandise the following units on our Dirty Dog Multi-Product display:

Product Mix Units
Medium Mats 8
Large Mats 10
Runners 6
Shammys 8
Grooming Mitts

Display Dimensions: 64” x 25.5” x 23.75”
Weight: 80lbs.

Drive Your Sales By Placing An Order Of The Multi-Product Display Today!

Limited Quantities Available

**EMPTY DISPLAY STAND ONLY -No Product on Stand**

Collections: Dirty Dog

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