Dog Gone Smart Outerwear

D.GS Meteor Outerwear Collection

We've got innovation brighten up!

Dog Gone Smart Outerwear features the best of both worlds—style and function! Our NEW Meteor jackets feature retroreflective technology that helps increase dog’s visibility to nearby motorists. 

Our D.GS Meteor Outerwear is available in 3 styles:

Repelz-ItTM Nanoprotection

Dog Gone Smart uses Repelz- It™ Nanoprotection to keep pet apparel looking and smelling clean, even after years of use!  Repelz-It™ uses both nanotechnology and a state-of-the art bacteriostatic to keep stains, dirt, liquid, bacteria and pet odors from clinging to the fabric.  Repelz It™ Nanoprotection is pet-safe and APA approved.

 D.GS Fashion Collection 

Tamarack Royal Purple                 Tamarack Steal Grey

Unzip, Clip and Go

Our NEWEST waterproof zipper/harness slot, makes walking your dog as easy as 1,2,3.  Simply unzip, clip the leash through the jacket to the harness ring, re-zip and GO.

 Our D.GS waterproof zipper feature allows any dog harness to easily clip through the jacket to the dog leash or harness ring. A waterproof zipper allows for plenty of adjustability when attaching the leash to the collar or harness ring. Simply open the zipper, clip the harness ring to the leash, and re-zip to keep your pup warm and dry. 


Dog Gone Smart Previous Outerwear Collection is available in 4 NEW styles:

     Tamarack Jacket                                Olympia Softshell                                       Nano Knit Sweater                                     All-Season NanoBreaker                                                         


All jackets styles are available in the following sizes: (back Length): 10”, 12", 14”, 16", 18”, 20", 22”, 24" , 26"


Click Here to download our Jacket Sizing Guide