Dog Gone Smart Lounger Beds

The perfect fit for any breed--big or small!


What's inside a Dog Gone Smart Lounger Bed?

Our lounger beds are generously filled with hypoallergenic soft hollow-core slick fiber fill. This high-quality fill allows dogs to nest which they love to do, but bounces back to a high loft when they leave! Our unique silicon-coated polyfill  eliminates any lumping or unevenness to the bed. Wow, now that's something to bark about!

*The inside pillow fill and pillow liner should not be washed, but can be shaken out and aired to maintain cleanliness.


Lounger Bed Sizes: 



X-Small  19"x15"    (for dogs up to 10 lbs.)  

Small      22"x20"   (for dogs up to 15 lbs.)

Medium  26"x24"    (for dogs up to 30 lbs) 

Large     32"x28"    (for dogs up to 50 lbs)

X-Large  37"x31"   (for dogs up to 75 lbs)    


Colors: Dog Gone Smart Lounger Beds are available in 4 classic colors






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