Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Launches New Dirty Dog Doormat

Remarkable New Advanced Microfiber Technology™ Quickly Absorbs Mud, Dirt and Water

WILTON, CT, June 15, 2011 – Dog Gone Smart Pet Products now has a terrific solution for your wet and muddy dogs - the remarkable Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat™. Dog Gone Smart, a global household name in nanotechnology-based pet products including beds, apparel and accessories, has introduced an Advanced Microfiber Technology™ that traps mud, dirt and water instantly. The Dirty Dog Doormat™ magically soaks up 7 times its weight in mud and water. Manufactured with superabsorbent material, the doormat is made up of millions of microfiber strands that create an extra large sponge effect.

The Dirty Dog Doormat™ dries 5 times faster than ordinary doormats and can be machine washed and dried. It can be used just about anywhere including cars, crates, under litter boxes, food and water bowls. It is currently available in one size 26” x 35”and three colors: Khaki, Black and Maroon, features a whimsical paw print design, and retails for $44.95

“As a trend-setting pet products company, we are confident that owners of dogs of all sizes and breeds will love this new product and most likely will purchase more than one because of its many sought after benefits,” said Chris Onthank, founder and managing member of Dog Gone Smart.

According to the American Pet Products Association 2010-2011 annual survey, there are 46.5 million households that own dogs and 78.2 million dogs in the U.S. alone that will spend an estimated $50 billion on pets this year.


Katharine Reynolds
Katharine Reynolds

December 03, 2013

I bought your dirty dog doormat recently and really love it, I would like to get hold of the runner but don’t seem to be able to find anywhere that stocks it, please could you let me know where I can get one from.


Jane Blackmore
Jane Blackmore

November 11, 2013

I recently purchased one of your dog mats and find it wonderful. I bought it through Pets at Home and they no longer have any in stock, I understand it was a special promotion. Please where can I get another?


October 26, 2013

I purchased the dirty dog doormat after reading many positive reviews. I have a doggie door on my slider and would like to place it outside. Is it indoor – outdoor?

irian zhang
irian zhang

July 02, 2013

I am interested with your dog gone smart mat, would like to know what kind of backing it is? It’s PVC, Latex or anything else?


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